Living Systems Instrumentations, Inc. (LSI) warrants to the original user that the equipment manufactured by LSI will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of five years after the date of delivery, subject to the conditions, limitations, and exclusions listed below.


Pressure transducers, force transducers, pH sensors, temperature sensors, cannulae, cannula holders, chamber tubing (glass and plastic tubing), glass coverslips, stopcocks and tubing connectors, tube sets, and KaptonĀ® strips for peristaltic pumps.


This warranty does not apply to equipment subjected to accidental damage, improper use (such as excessive tightening of screws on delicate pieces on cannula holders and other small parts), alteration, deterioration, or to equipment that has not been properly cleaned and maintained.

Warranty on third-party products will be determined by their respective manufacturer.

LSI is not liable for direct or indirect damages sustained by you or any end user from the use of the products sold or services rendered hereunder.

Products damages due to improper or inadequate packaging when returned for repair purposes are not granted warranty coverage.