Dissection Dish, Small, Light Blue


The DD-50-S-LTBLU Dissection Petri Dish is a high quality Pyrex glass dissection dish. It is made from a small Petri dish (50 mm Diameter), which is useful when working with small specimens, or to use as a storage or transfer dish. The bottom of the dissection dish is lined with several millimeters of Sylgard® material, the perfect medium for pinning out tissue specimens during delicate dissection procedures. The Sylgard® lining is free of air bubbles, and is not sticky to the touch. These dishes are autoclavable, and withstand many months of regular usage. The Sylgard® material will seal itself when a dissecting pin is removed, providing a clean smooth bottom for some time. The DD-50-S-LTBLU Small Dissection Petri Dish features a light blue Sylgard bottom. When illuminated from above, this provides an even background for many specimens. When illuminated from underneath, the bottom takes on a sky blue appearance, which can be desirable for providing an appealing background in photomicrography work.  NOTE: Dimensions are approximate (~ ± 2 mm), due to slight variations in the sizing of the glass Petri Dishes from batch-to-batch.


50 mm

17 mm

Sylgard Depth:
~ 6 mm