Replacement Screws for CH1/CH2 Cannula Arm


This kit contains spare screws and springs that are used on the RCH cannula holders for CH-1 and CH-2 vessel chambers. Six of each are included, enough to service three pairs of cannula arms.


  • 4-40 x 3/16″ Nylon Tipped Set Screws, Quantity (x6) – Holds the cannula arm onto the chamber cannula alignment rod. (A)
  • 0-80 1/4″ Stainless Steel Socket Cap Screws (x6) – Holds the cannula clip onto the cannula arm. (B)
  • 0-80 1/2″ Stainless Steel Socket Cap Screws (x6) – Screws for the cannula side-side (Y-axis) tension adjustment.(C)
  • 0.120″ x 0.250″ 1.6 lbs Compression Springs (x6) – Provides the tension on the cannula side-side (Y-axis) adjustment. (D)