Quick Transfer Single Vessel Chamber

This chamber is designed for rapid freezing or fixation of a cannulated and pressurized vessel for biochemical or morphometric studies.

One section of the CH-1-QT contains the experimental chamber where a superfused vessel may be examined for its diameter responses to pharmacological agents, pressure, flow, etc.

A glass coverslip allows visualization of the vessel for lumen diameter and wall measurements using the video dimension analyzer (VDA-10). The other section has a well that a removable tray fits into.

A lever arm is used to quickly transfer (~1 sec) the vessel and its tubing connections from the chamber to the tray. In this way, the physiological state of the vessel (pressure, myogenic tone, etc) can be maintained during the freezing or fixation process. The CH-1-QT will readily tolerate the low temperature of an acetone-dry ice freezing solution, liquid nitrogen, or various fixing solutions.


Bath volume:
6–10 ml

13.08 cm W x 4.11 cm H x 9.0 cm D

Working Distance:
requires minimum 1.8 mm WD objective lens