NIKON TS2 Inverted Microscope

Our Nikon inverted microscope package includes the Nikon Eclipse TS2 trinocular inverted microscope body, LED illumination, condenser, two 10X wide field eyepieces, a 1.0X C-mount video adapter, a mechanical stage, 4X and 10X objectives, a stage micrometer with 10µm divisions (SM-10), and a mechanical stage adapter to snugly anchor in our CH-1 line of chambers. Optionally, you can purchase a 0.5X C-Mount video adapter (MICROSCOPE-ISO-PORT-.5X).

Package Components:

  • Mechanical stage
  • Eyepieces 10X
  • C-mount 1X
  • Microscope body
  • Condenser lens
  • CFI Plan Achromat 4X and 10X objective lenses
  • SM-10 stage micrometer


The TS2 features a low profile, sturdy main body stand with stage supported on both ends. Focusing is vertical objective movement; Coarse stroke: 37.7mm per rotation, fine stroke: 0.2mm per rotation. It has a high luminescent white LED illuminator (Eco-illumination). The TS2 is a compliant multi-voltage (100 V-240 V) unit.


  • Superb optical performance and the highest zoom magnification in its class
  • Ergonomic design
  • Built-in fly-eye lens ensures uniform brightness across the entire field of view (no alignment is needed)
  • ESD protection and airtight design is standard to prevent samples from being damaged by electrostatic discharge or contaminated by dust, drops of water, or other contaminants
  • Optional illumination accessories are available for various applications and tasks


CF160 Infinity Optical System

High luminescence white LED illuminator (Eco-illumination)

(F.O.V.) C-W 10x (22mm)


Trinocular tube (within main body), Eyepiece/Port: 100/0, 0/100

100 V – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 0.35 A, 15 W

Product weight:
28.6 lb (12.98 kg)

Product dimensions:
9.3 in (236 mm) W x 21.6 in (548 mm) D x 18.5 in (471 mm) H