Gas Exchange Oxygenator, Miniature


Our miniature oxygenators are designed to provide gas exchange in the perfusate delivered to cannulated vessels in our vessel chambers. They feature luer ports on the inflow and outflow sides, and are ideal for gas exchange in-line with blood vessel perfusion, or perfusion of many other isolated vessels, organs, or tissues. OX oxygenators utilize a fixed gas exchange cartridge, which can be reused with appropriate care.


  • Allows gas exchange into perfusate
  • Eliminates foaming when oxygenating protein-containing buffers
  • Handles perfusion rates in the µl/min range to several ml/min
  • Large gas exchange surface area
  • Minimal perfusate pressure loss
  • Superior performance to bubble and flat sheet membrane oxygenators
  • Polypropylene hollow micro fiber array
  • Hollow microporous fibers: 240 µm ID, 28 µm wall thickness


Number of fibers:

Gas exchange SA:
115 sq. cm (surface area)

Active fiber length:
7.5 cm

Casing material:

Casing OD/length:
2.5/13.5 cm

Priming vol. (fiber):
~1 ml (volume, fiber side)

Priming vol. (shell):
~1.6 ml (volume, shell side)

Operating pressure:
<15 psi