Luer Panel Mount Replacement Kit


The CH-1-AU uses both the PANEL-MOUNT-KIT and PANEL-MOUNT-KIT-AU fittings.

  • The PANEL-MOUNT-KIT fittings attach the cannula tubing to the glass cannulae
  • The PANEL-MOUNT-KIT-AU fittings attach the “superfusion tubing” to the bath inflow and outflow ports

The AU chamber is unique in that it uses luer panel mounts for both the cannulae tubing and the inflow/outflow tubing because a pressure tight seal is required. In a standard chamber, you don’t need panel mount fittings to attach the inflow/outflow lines, they just connect directly to their respective ports on the chamber.

This accessory kit contains 10 replacement female luer to 3/32″ barbed connectors that screw into the side wall of our CH-1-AU style vessel chamber. The barbed fitting attaches to your cannula tubing, and the female luer connection allows for easy connection of your fluid plumbing lines to the vessel cannulae.


Only fits the CH-1-AU chamber