Linear Alignment Large Vessel Chamber

Suitable for cannulation & perfusion of large hollow organs, such as blood vessels (e.g. aorta, carotid), intestine, airway, mid-gut, or colon. The unique size of this chamber also makes it suitable for other applications, such as insect mid-gut cannulation.

Key Features

  • Can be used with 12, 14, 19, 22, and 25 gauge stainless steel cannulae (sold separately)
  • Rigid stainless steel cannulae are virtually unbreakable
  • Tubing barb for thread ties to easily secure the attachment of your vessel
  • Optical viewing window for imaging studies, ideal for backlighting and viewing with a stereoscope
  • Both cannulae feature three axis (X-Y-Z) positioning for easy alignment and length adjustments
  • Make adjustments in seconds using simple thumb screws, no special tools required
  • Designed for superfusion applications
  • New thermistor for monitoring bath temperature using optional temperature controller (TC-09S, sold separately)
  • Waterproof connection port for the thermistor (IP67 rated)



1)  The large vessel chamber does not have a built-in heater bloc, so the bath cannot be heated directly in a self-heated application. Heating of superfusate line requires an external circulating water bath pump (BATH-HEAT-CIRC) and heat exchanger (GHE). However, a thermistor is included in the vessel chamber that can be connected to a temperature controller (TC-09S) to obtain a recording of bath temperature.

2) Chamber shown with 20 gauge cannulae (sold separately)





Chamber Material:
Delrin, stainless steel

Mounting Type:
Stainless Steel Cannulae

Vessel Size (range):
500 µm – 4 mm OD

Dimensions (overall):
8.22” L x 7.57” W x 2.39” H (20.89 x 19.23 x 6.07 cm)

Bath Volume:
50 ml

Max Vessel Length:
45 mm