Four Channel Superfusion Peristaltic Pump

This quality peristaltic pump is ideal for vessel bath superfusion. The pump includes four flow heads which can be configured in several ways.

For example:
– four inflow lines
– four outflow lines
– two inflow & two outflow lines.

Use INFLOW-IT-44-PKG4 tubing for inflow side; Use OUTFLOW-IT-48-PKG4 tubing for outflow side


Typical Applications:
+Superfusion of vessel and tissue baths +organ perfusion +General purpose fluid delivery applications

134.9 mm D x 177.8 mm W x 101.6 mm H

Max Flow Rate:
75 (ml/min)

Flow Range:
0.0075 to 75 (ml/min)

Flow Rate Range 1:
with INFLOW-IT-44 Tubing: 0.60 to 60 ml/min

Flow Rate Range 2:
with OUTFLOW-IT-48 Tubing: 0.75 to 75 ml/min