Data Recorder with LabScribe3 Software, 08-Channel

This package includes the 8-channel analog-to-digital converter and LabScribe3™ software. It is ideal for basic experiments recording up to eight signals, such as arterial diameter, intravascular pressure, left and right vessel wall thickness, upstream and downstream pressures, and bath temperature.


  • Convenient USB operation means that no hardware cards need to be installed in the computer.
  • A-D conversion at 16-bit resolution and up to 100 kHz aggregate (across all channels)
  • Convenient BNC connectors
  • Low noise (<1 mV), reducing the need for gain and offset adjustments, or other post-hoc signal processing (filtering)
  • Includes the powerful LabScribe3™ data acquisition/analysis software
  • Works with both Macintosh or Windows PCs
  • Digital output lines on a DB-9 connector for controlling/synchronizing other equipment (stimulators, electrophysiology recording, fluorescence systems)


Analog Inputs 8, BNC type Input Impedance 1 M Ohm Input Range ± 10 VDC Noise <1 mV

Digital Output:
Lines 8 Connector DB9

A/D Convertor:
Sample Rate 100 kHz aggregate (across all channels) Resolution 16-bit Interface USB 1.1/2.0 (full speed)

Power 5 VDC 2.6 A, CE Certified Warranty 3 Year Software LabScribe3™ software