Dual Vessel Chamber for General Use

The CH-2 chamber is used to optimize experimental throughput, allowing two vessels to be mounted side by side. This chamber can be used for wide-field or confocal fluorescence microscopy, as well as standard transmitted light microscopy. The dual vessel chamber is ideal for bioassay work where perfusate from one vessel is routed to the adjacent vessel. It allows visualization of blood vessels as small as 30 ┬Ám in diameter. Our temperature controller (TC-09D) can be used to directly control or monitor bath temperature. For monitoring or controlling bath temperature, a bath thermistor sensor (THRS) is also required for each of the two vessel baths. See our self-heated dual vessel chamber package (LS-CH-2-SH) for self-heating temperature control applications.


  • Use with temperature controller (TC-09D) for self-heating applications
  • Independent perfusion and superfusion ports
  • Monitor temperature in each bath using thermistor temperature sensor (THRS)
    (meter also required)
  • Angled cannula holders allow positioning vessel near bottom coverglass surface for confocal use, or when working distance is an issue
  • Straight cannula holders for general use
  • Removable covers with gas ports for controlling atmospheric gas composition (e.g., hypoxia or anesthetic gases)
  • Holder for pH electrode (PH-E) to monitor pH in either bath
  • Optional platinum stimulation electrodes (STIM-2) can be used for nerve/muscle electrical field stimulation