Dissection Hand Support Platform


Our dissection hand support platform is designed to minimize hand strain and fatigue resulting from many hours spent dissecting and preparing cannulated blood vessels. It is ideally suited for dissection scopes that lack a base plate, or when dissections are conducted directly on a lab bench. Several holding frames are included that accept our CH-1 and CH-2 vessel chambers, our DD-90-S dissection
petri dish, and 35 mm dissection dishes. A mirror in the base can be used to reflect incident light for better visualization of some specimens. The base is heavily weighted to provide stability. Foam pads on either side of the holding frame provide a suitable surface to rest your wrists.

Key Features

  • Facilitates vessel dissection and tying vessels cannulae
  • Reduces hand strain
  • Avoids sliding of dish or chamber
  • Interchangeable holding frames for petri dishes and chambers
  • Mirror in base to reflect incident light for better visualization
  • Weighted base with non-slip feet


42 cm x 17 cm

4 kg