Glass Cannula Fabrication

Our glass cannula packs contain one dozen high quality hand-made pipettes for cannulating vessels of a wide range of sizes.

We polish the cannula tips to have a distinct beveled edge, which facilitates vessel cannulation.

We stock a wide range of sizes.  Please inquire for custom sizes not listed.

Our standard 20-25 µm size ranges are ideal for blind-sac experiments (no flow). When working with intraluminal flow, it is preferable to have cannulae that are matched more closely in size. If you intend to work with intraluminal flow, let us know when you order your cannula packs; we will match the cannulae to tolerances that are tighter than our standard 25 µm for a nominal fee. The cannulae measure 30 to 40 mm from the end of the tip. If you need shorter lengths, simply use a diamond scoring tool (GCST) to score and break the cannulae to your desired length. We can also supply longer lengths, up to 70 mm, for a nominal fee. We can custom-fabricate cannulae as small as 30 µm in diameter for a nominal fee.