November 2009

Dr. Anatoliy Gashev and colleagues have research highlighted on cover of Microcirculation

A research article titled “Methods for Lymphatic Vessel Culture and Gene Transfection” by Gashev, Davis, Gasheva, Nepiushchikh, Wang, Dougherty, Kelly, Cai, von der Weid, Muthuchamy, Meininger, and Zawieja recently appeared in the journal Microcirculation (16(7): 618-628, 2009). In this article, Dr. Gashev and coworkers used a novel gene transfection approach to introduce an adenoviral GFP reporter into lymphatic endothelial and smooth muscle cells from rat mesentery. In this work, vessel chambers from Living Systems Instrumentation were utilized for long-term organ culture of isolated and pressurized lymphatic vessels. A color photomicrograph showing lymphatic vessels transfected with GFP in the endothelium only, smooth muscle only, and both smooth muscle and endothelium appeared on the cover of the October and November issues of Microcirculation. Living Systems Instrumentation wishes to congratulate Dr. Gashev and the rest of this research team for their noteworthy work.

Click here for an abstract of the article