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Aging and the Cardiovascular System; An in vivo and in vitro approach to the pre-clinical assessment of arterial stiffness – June 10, 2020

Hosted by Scintica Instrumentation, authorized distributor of Living Systems Instrumentation

This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Vascular stiffness, systemic arterial hypertension and other associated effects of aging on the cardiovascular system
  • Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) and Pressure Arteriography and how they can be used to assess arterial stiffness:
    • PWV as the gold-standard for longitudinal, non-invasive estimates of arterial stiffness
    • Pressure Arteriography and why it is essential for measuring isolated vessel structure and function to assess vascular activity
  • A brief summary of relevant literature


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Past Events

Studying Flow Mediated Responses in Isolated Vasculature – April 28, 2016

Gain useful insights on how to examine flow-induced dilation in isolated blood vessels using pressure myography from a recognized leader in the field, Dr. Éric Thorin.




GettingStartedWithInVitroBloodVesselResearchWebinarTitleGetting Started with In-Vitro Blood Vessel Research – February 24, 2015

Dr. Scott Earley (University of Nevada) and Dr. Gerry Herrera (Catamount Research and Development – Living Systems Instrumentation) review essential tools and techniques for studying function in isolated blood vessels using a pressurized arteriograph system.