August 2009


Heated Cover for Single and Dual Vessel Chambers
Model CH-HC

This new cover is designed to fit our CH-1 and CH-2 standard single and dual vessel chambers. It replaces the cover that came with these chambers previously. This heated cover addresses problems such as evaporative fluid loss and fogging of the cover that can occur during long-term (several hours) vessel perfusion studies, especially using a stagnant bath fluid.

Evaporative loss can make accurate drug dosing very difficult. Cover fogging can distort the image of the blood vessel, as light entering the chamber from the microscope condenser is scattered by the fluid condensate gathering on the cover surface.

The CH-HC heated cover installs easily on standard single and dual vessel chambers (CH-1 and CH-2). The temperature of the heated cover can be regulated using our TC-09 series temperature controllers. For stand-alone applications, use a TC-09S to control the temperature of the CH-HC. To regulate the temperature of a self-heated chamber and the heated cover at the same time, use the TC-09D.