Who We Are

Dr. Bill Halpern

Living Systems Instrumentation designs, develops and manufactures instruments for in vitro research studies of perfused, cannulated blood vessels.

These include vessel chambers and electro-mechanical apparatus for the measurement and control of pressure, flow rate and vessel dimensions.

Our instruments are used worldwide by research investigators in medical schools, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. Their use facilitates new insights into the mechanisms underlying vascular function in human health and disease.

Living Systems Instrumentation was founded by the renowned cardiovascular physiologist, Dr. William Halpern. Dr. Halpern was a true innovator in the field of vascular biology. During the late 1970s in his lab at the University of Vermont, he and colleague Michael Mulvaney made the first recordings of biomechanical function in isolated small resistance arteries using what would become commonly known as the Halpern/Mulvaney Wire Myograph (Nature vol. 260, 1976). A few years later (in Smooth Muscle Contraction, ed. N.L. Stephens, 1984), Dr. Halpern recorded myogenic reactivity of isolated cerebral arterioles using the pressure arteriograph, an instrument that has become a staple in vascular research labs all over the world. Upon retiring from academia in the early 1990’s, Dr. Halpern and staff from his laboratory formed Living Systems Instrumentation, and they made commercially available the arteriographs, myographs, and related instrumentation pioneered in his research.

Dr. Halpern passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2008. One of Dr. Halpern’s final wishes was to see the Living Systems Instrumentation tradition continue into another generation. Shortly before his death, he approached a friend and fellow physiologist, Dr. Gerald Herrera, to discuss the possibility of Dr. Herrera’s company purchasing Living Systems Instrumentation. Dr. Herrera agreed to purchase the assets of Living Systems Instrumentation through his company Catamount Research and Development, thus making a commitment to Dr. Halpern to continue his research and legacy. Catamount Research and Development now designs, develops, and manufactures the Living Systems Instrumentation product line consisting of pressure arteriographs, myographs, pressure and flow control instrumentation, temperature controllers, and many other instruments and accessories. We have an active research and development program, which is central to our business mission. We are continually working on improving existing designs, innovating new designs, and supporting the research community. These are all missions that Dr. Halpern used to found Living Systems Instrumentation, and we at Catamount Research and Development embrace for our future.

Machine ShopLocated in St. Albans, Vermont, Living Systems Instrumentation is near the University of Vermont, beautiful Lake Champlain, downtown Burlington, and an international airport to serve customers who visit for hands-on instrument training.

Our researchers work at medical schools, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and other laboratories. About half of our customers are in the United States.

The staff at Living Systems Instrumentation and Catamount Research and Development strives to produce quality instruments that fulfill your research needs. We are happy to work with you to fulfill your research needs; give us a call.`